Subway Nutritional Information

Subway Nutritional Information can be found at their locations, you’ll be able to receive a full in depth nutritional guide that will help you make educated decisions while ordering.

Or can be found here

For those of you looking for Subway Nutritional information, good for you! Way to stay proactive and healthy. Subway is dedicated towards making nutritional food for everyone and keeping America healthy.

To give you a quick run down of items and their nutritional information here are some of Subways staple items.

  • Turkey Breast 290 calories
  • Black Forest Ham 290 calories
  • Oven Roasted Chicken Breast 320 calories
  • Roast Beef 310 calories

You can also enjoy a wide range of Subway Salads for even better nutritional health

  • Subway Club 140 calories
  • Oven Roasted Chicken 130 calories
  • Turkey Breast & Ham 120 calories
  • Veggie Delite 50 calories

Do you want bread with that?

  • Honey Oat: 260 calories
  • 9-Grain Wheat: 210 calories
  • Italian Herb and Cheese: 250 calories
  • Monterey Cheddar: 240 calories
  • Italian: 200 calories

Make your meal a healthy one and choose Subway as your lunch, dinner and even breakfast alternative. Don’t get caught up in fast food, and stick to healthy fresh, and delicious sandwiches from Subway.

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