Subway Menu Prices and Information

Subway Menu Prices are the most competitive of any in the industry. Subway is dedicated to providing the best value for their Subway menu prices.

Subway doesn’t just stop there. They want to make sure that they offer quality sandwiches as well. With Subway you can get the following sandwiches for only $5.

Subway Menu Prices for $5 Menu:

  • Veggie Delite
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Spicy Italian
  • B.L.T.
  • Meatball Marinara

What about the rest of the menu? Subway has great pricing on all of their subs and provides fresh veggies, and condiments with your selection of one of their freshly baked breads. Not a bad value by any means.

Here are some other things on Subways every growing and fresh daily menu:

  • Tuna
  • Italian BMT
  • Turkey Breast and Forest Ham
  • Subway Melt
  • Steak & Cheese
  • Subway Club

Subway doesn’t stop there either, they offer a breakfast menu, soups, and best of all salads. You can build any of your items that you choose from Subway and customize it to what you want. That includes things like adding veggies, such as onions, pickles, tomatoes, avacado, and even other items not included above.

Subway Menu Breakfast – The Famous Subway Breakfast Menu!

Subway now offers the new Subway Menu Breakfast! This famous Subway breakfast menu is all new and offers a great variety of breakfast foods. The Subway Breakfast consists of the following items.

  • Sunrise Subway Melt – Rise and Shine with this wonderful delicious breakfast of turkey, crispy bacon, Black Forest Ham, and fluffy fresh egg white under a blanket of fresh cheese. This is one of the best breakfast items on the menu.
  • Egg  & Cheese – Maybe you want a more traditional breakfast sandwich. Something somewhat lighter. The Egg & Cheese sandwich comes with egg whites and American and Cheddar cheese, freshly toasted on your choice of bread and topped with any veggies you may want.
  • Steak, Egg & Cheese – Maybe you want a little more heart in your breakfast. Introducing the Steak, Egg & Cheese sandwich. This is a delicious omelet prepared with shaved steak, American and Monterey Cheese, freshly toasted on your selection of bread. Also available with a large variety of veggies and sauces.
  • Double Bacon, Egg & Cheese – Most of us can’t get enough bacon, we love it. As they say, bacon makes everything better. Subway offers a delicious omelet comprised of Black Forest Ham, American and Cheddar Cheeses, and freshly toasted with Green Bell Pepper and your choice of bread all topped with a healthy serving of double bacon.
  • Finishing off with the Western Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Subway Menu Pricing – Coupons, Discounts, and More!

Subway Menu Pricing – Subway is the king of the $5 footlong craze. Many other sandwich shops attempted to combat Subways killer pricing by offering similarly priced subs. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as well as they had anticipated and many shops had to stop offering such promotions. Subway menu pricing has stayed the same and offers the same great deals to everyone.

There are also some great premium subs offered through Subway as well. The Big Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. This is the premium of premium sandwiches. Offering a meat lovers dream of fresh juicy steak smothered in melted cheese on a fresh baked bread. This is the taste that comes straight out of Philly.

What about other sandwiches?

The Subway menu pricing deals don’t just stop with the $5 footlongs either. Subway has the select sandwiches which offer high quality ingredients, fresh veggies and more. The Roast Beef sandwich is one such sandwich, offering its tender roast beef with your choice of fresh crisp veggies and condiments all on one of the freshly baked breads.

What about something with Chicken? How about the Chicken and Bacon Ranch sandwich. This high quality chicken sandwich comes with tender chicken strips, melted Monterey Cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, ranch dressing and lettuce. Top it off with veggies of your choice and some condiments and you have one of the sandwiches in town.

Subway Sandwiches – Discounts, Coupons and Info!

Subway Sandwiches are delicious, fresh and healthy. You can find a wide range of Subway Sandwiches available at your local subway. Here are some of the most popular sandwiches at Subway.

Top Subway Sandwiches:

  • Turkey Breast – Delicious Turkey breast on a freshly baked bun. This is one of the Subway Sandwich classics. You get your choice of veggies, and fat free condiments to make your sandwich that more delicious.
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki – This is your savory teriyaki glazed chicken breast slices, with Subways famous Sweet Onion sauce. This is served hot with fresh crisp veggies and your selection of any of Subways famous condiments and fresh baked bread.
  • Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham – It may not get better than this really. Its the delicious turkey breast and smoked ham. Matched with your choice of fresh veggies and you have a great and delicious sandwich on a fresh baked bread.
  • Buffalo Chicken – One of the most popular of Subways chicken sandwiches. Tender chicken breast glazed with Subways famous cool ranch sauce. This is served on a fresh baked bread of your choice and topped with fresh veggies and condiments of your choice.
  • Italian BMT – I’m sure you have heard of this one, if not pay attention since its so great! A meat combo of Subways fresh meats, including Genoa salami, pepporoni, and ham served with hot or cold veggies, on your choice of warm bread. Included is the fat free condiments.
  • Tuna – Tuna is a gift from the sea. This sandwich is no different. You get Subways savory tuna with mayo on your selection of fresh baked breads. Choose whichever veggies you would like and top it off with some fresh condiments. Yumm!

Subway sandwiches are world famous and come from one of the largest sandwich shops in the world. Subway is most famous for their Jared campaign. Jared was an overweight man who was a freshman at Indiana University and peaked at nearly 425 lbs at 20 years old!  Jared was passionate to make a change in his life and utilized Subway as his method for success.

Subway was so passionate about his weight loss that they literally asked him to become their spokesperson. Jared lost over 200 lbs and became featured throughout the United States. People were requesting to know more about Jared, that’s when he became the star of Subway.

Subway Nutrition – Find the Nutritional Info

Subway is dedicated to keeping their food fresh and healthy. That’s why Subway nutrition and information can be found here.

Here are some quick facts about Subway nutrition:

6 grams of fat or less Sandwiches

  • 6” Ham (Black Forest w/out Cheese)  – 290 calories, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 7 g of Sugar
  • 6” Oven Roasted Chicken – 320 calories, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 7 g of Sugar
  • 6” Roast Beef – 310 calories, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 6 g of Sugar
  • 6” Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki – 380 calories, 0 grams Trans Fat, 17 g of Sugar
  • 6” Turkey Breast – 280 calories, 0 grams Trans Fat, 6 g of Sugar
  • 6” Turkey Breast & Ham – 300 calories, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 6 g of Sugar

Keep in mind that Subway also offers salads, and soups. Soups and Salads are generally a great way to stay healthy as they don’t have high Carbohydrates and include more veggies which are great for staying healthy.

Some quick facts about Soup and Salads and Subway Nutrition:

  • Ham Salad – 110 calories, 0 g Trans Fat, 6g of Sugar
  • Oven Roasted Chicken – 130 calories, 0g Trans Fat, 4g of Sugar
  • Roast Beef – 140 calories, 0g Trans Fat, 5g of Sugar
  • Subway Club – 140 calories, 0g Trans Fat, 5g of Sugar
  • Turkey Breast – 110 calories, 0g Trans Fat, 5g of Sugar

Most importantly you should know your dietary restrictions and requirements. Speak to your doctor or nutritional guide for recommendations to your daily nutritional intake. Subway has many various options and styles of food, so finding the best one for your health requirements shouldn’t be difficult.

Subway Nutritional Information

Subway Nutritional Information can be found at their locations, you’ll be able to receive a full in depth nutritional guide that will help you make educated decisions while ordering.

Or can be found here

For those of you looking for Subway Nutritional information, good for you! Way to stay proactive and healthy. Subway is dedicated towards making nutritional food for everyone and keeping America healthy.

To give you a quick run down of items and their nutritional information here are some of Subways staple items.

  • Turkey Breast 290 calories
  • Black Forest Ham 290 calories
  • Oven Roasted Chicken Breast 320 calories
  • Roast Beef 310 calories

You can also enjoy a wide range of Subway Salads for even better nutritional health

  • Subway Club 140 calories
  • Oven Roasted Chicken 130 calories
  • Turkey Breast & Ham 120 calories
  • Veggie Delite 50 calories

Do you want bread with that?

  • Honey Oat: 260 calories
  • 9-Grain Wheat: 210 calories
  • Italian Herb and Cheese: 250 calories
  • Monterey Cheddar: 240 calories
  • Italian: 200 calories

Make your meal a healthy one and choose Subway as your lunch, dinner and even breakfast alternative. Don’t get caught up in fast food, and stick to healthy fresh, and delicious sandwiches from Subway.

Subway Coupons – Coupons for Subway

Current Subway Coupons:

Subway Coupons are one of the staples of Subway. They offer coupons and discounts regularly in printed publiucations offering discounts such as Buy One Get One free as well as free drinks with purchase of a sandwich.

Subway was created in 1965 in Bridgeport Connecticut. IT was created so that Fred DeLuca could pay off his recent laons for becoming a medical doctor. The first sotre opened and they created a goal to create 32 stores within the first ten years. Fred quickly learned the business and the importance of fresh food and high quality product. By providing excellent customer service they were determined to become the best in the area and the nation.

By 1974 time the franchise owned and operated 16 different submarine sandwich shops. At this time they branched out and launched the Subway brand. Today Subway is one of the largest sandwich chains in the United States with over 34,000 active locations around the world.

Subway coupons are found throughout the printed advertisements. There you can find coupons for Subway and other discount possibilities. Also check other publications besides newspapers, such as BuyOneGetOneFree magazine and other local discount magazines.

Subway Menu

Looking for the Subway Menu? There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when you looking at the Subway menu. We’ll discuss those further down, for now here  are the menu items. Please keep in mind that these are always changing and different depending on location.

Current $5 Footlong Menu Items:

  • Meatball Marinara
  • B.L.T.
  • Spicy Italian
  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Veggie Delite

Descriptions of Subway Menu items:

Meatball Marinara is a hearty Italian style meatball sandwich that is roasted in a tangy marinara style sauce. This is served hot with any of the Subway menu crip veggies and your choice of any condiments. Keep in mind this is on a fresh toasty bread as well.

B.L.T. is one of the Subway Menu classics. It comes with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes. Keep in mind that you can get any of the fresh condiments with it on a freshly baked bread as well.

Spicy Italian comes with an amazing zesty blend of Italian goodness. Including Pepperoni, Salami and topped with cheese. Try with some hot peppers, veggies or even your choice of fat free condiments served on a hot baked bread.

Cold Cut Combo is another classic Subway menu item. This sandwich comes a nice stack of fresh ham, salami, and bolgna. This comes with your choice of veggies, Subway menu condiments and on a fresh baked bread of your choice.

Black Forest Ham – This sandwich comes with our famous Smoked Black Forest Ham on your selection of bread that is fresh out of the oven. Less than 6g of fat and you can add any of the fresh veggies and condiments.

Oven Roasted Chicken breast sandwich comes with a tender roasted and boneless chicken patty. This is one of our most popular items. Pair it with choice of free condiments and served on a fresh baked bread.

Veggie Delite – For you veggie lovers out there you can get a fresh Veggie Delite. Crunchy garden fresh lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and your choice of whatever condiments you’d like.