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Current Subway Coupons:

Subway Coupons are one of the staples of Subway. They offer coupons and discounts regularly in printed publiucations offering discounts such as Buy One Get One free as well as free drinks with purchase of a sandwich.

Subway was created in 1965 in Bridgeport Connecticut. IT was created so that Fred DeLuca could pay off his recent laons for becoming a medical doctor. The first sotre opened and they created a goal to create 32 stores within the first ten years. Fred quickly learned the business and the importance of fresh food and high quality product. By providing excellent customer service they were determined to become the best in the area and the nation.

By 1974 time the franchise owned and operated 16 different submarine sandwich shops. At this time they branched out and launched the Subway brand. Today Subway is one of the largest sandwich chains in the United States with over 34,000 active locations around the world.

Subway coupons are found throughout the printed advertisements. There you can find coupons for Subway and other discount possibilities. Also check other publications besides newspapers, such as BuyOneGetOneFree magazine and other local discount magazines.

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